Adaq Khan · Mastering

Audio Mastering from £50

Easy upload

Upload your final mixes and track-listing information to a secure server

WAV Masters

Download mastered WAV files ready for digital distribution, plus an optional DDP for CD replication

Turnaround time

Files ready for download within 5 days, 1 revision included

Mastered for iTunes

Optional 'Mastered for iTunes' compliance, with MFiT-approved files

Song Mastering from £50

With this flexible online service, you can order professional mastering for as many songs as you need. Whether it’s a demo EP, an album for streaming or factory masters for duplication, you’ll get the same high quality engineering.

With over 4000 mastered tracks commercially released, you can be confident your recording gets the best mastering treatment possible. For extra assurance, opt for MFiT-approved mastering, which guarantees your music will sound its best on iTunes.

1. Order

Choose up to 10 tracks for mastering in either standard or 'Mastered for iTunes' format.

2. Upload

Upload your mastering-ready final mixes and track-listing. A secure server link will be sent along with payment confirmation.

3. Listen

Download your mastered WAV files which will be ready within 5 days.

Order now

Order online now - pay securely with PayPal.

If you have more complex requirements - albums with more than 10 tracks, extra-long tracks (over 5mins), extensive noise removal or restoration work - please get in touch.


Mastered for iTunes